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SMCCコンストラクションインド社で事務担当をしています中西修平です。普段はデリーに駐在していますが、今回はインドのビーチリゾート GOA(ゴア)を紹介したいと思います。GOAまでデリーから飛行機で約2時間半、商業都市として有名なムンバイから約600km南下した場所にあります。以前はポルトガルの植民地であったため、クリスチャンが多く、他の都市とは雰囲気が異なります。





注) 今回は観光地の紹介なので、デリー及び各工事現場の状況とは全く異なるのでご注意ください!


Introduction of India

I’m Shuhei Nakanishi, administration department of SMCC Construction India Ltd Delhi office. Basically I’m working in Delhi but today I will introduce you GOA which is the Beach Resort in India. GOA is around 2 and a half hour distance from Delhi by plane and 600km down south from Mumbai, the famous commercial city in India. GOA has a different atmosphere compared to some other Indian city due to the colonial era ruled by Portugal in the past so that you can find many Christians in Goa.
There is a famous church where you can actually see a mummy of Francisco Xavier!
This church is called Born Jesu church
and it has been registered as a World Heritage Site since 1986.

Don’t miss out the beach in Goa! It is also famous as a resort among Europeans (especially British and Russian). Seaside houses are lined around beach area, while eating seafood, have a toast with beer!
It’s the best! It’s also cheap
because you probably won’t spend more than INR 1,000 (JPY 1,800) even if you eat until your stomach is full.

(Attention) Please be aware that above mentioned place is an introduction of sightseeing area, hence the situation of each construction sites and Delhi are quite different from GOA.

When you think of India, famous World Heritage like Taj Mahal may come to your mind first but how about spending relaxing time at the beach resort and take it easy?