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Introduction of rare food in Vietnam

I’m Akira Hiduzume, Manager in Accounting & Administration Dept. of Nhat Tan Bridge Construction Project Package 1 in Vietnam.
Although the high latitudes, we are spending hot and humid days in here. The temperature has been over 40 degrees in few days. In such Weather, it is very hard for us to work at site. As I work in the air – conditioned office, I feel very sorry for the site workers.

When I visited the Ha Long Bay, there was a horseshoe crab which is natural treasure in Japan. Of course, I’ve tried it. It tasted like a crab and it was delicious.
I brought the shell of it home for my memory but later on I got to know that my housemaid had trashed it to garbage. That made me unhappy.
By the way, Vietnamese eat dogs, rabbits and so on… If you are interested in it, please try it!