Charter of Corporate Conduct

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. has set up "Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Charter of Corporate Conduct" as the guideline for a conduct of the company, executives and employees, as we recognize that, through the quest of our Corporate Management Policy, to contribute to the society is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and recognize this contribution is the requirement in continuous growth of the company.

  • We take countermeasures to meet the various demands in construction activities through technology development and design proposal giving full consideration to quality and environment.
  • We strive for improving the corporate value, and at the same time, by actively disclosing fair corporate information to the stakeholders and the society, we try to achieve the highly transparent corporate management.
  • We maintain the employment and develop human resources of employees through long-term perspective, furthermore, we try to set up the corporate which respects human rights and beings.
  • We improve awareness to comply with laws, social norms, international rules and corporate ethics in order to perform fair, ransparent and free competition and fair trade.
  • We recognize the demand of contribution to the society's healthy and continuous development, and we promote social contribution activities in order to achieve corporate harmony with the society.
  • We recognize the demand of contribution to the global environment, and we actively work toward to preserve, sustain and improve environment.
  • In case, our activity against this charter occurs, the top management shall work by themselves to solve the case, and execute accountability to the society as well as disciplinary action that applies to both the top management and employee.