SMC have been working on the development of base isolation structures and vibration control devices since 1984. These technologies reduce building vibration during an earthquake or strong winds and provide a safe and comfortable building that meets its designed purpose.

Base isolation structure


A base isolation structure is a structure made by isolating the building from the ground and installing seismic isolators in between, such as laminated rubber bearings and energy-absorbing dampers, to prevent earthquake vibration from being transmitted to the building.

Devices used for base isolation structure


The devices used in base isolation structures include seismic isolators, which provide support for the building weight as well as undergo large lateral deformations to dissipate earthquake vibration, and dampers, which absorb seismic energy and help the building resist earthquake vibration.

Seismic control structure


Seismic control structures reduce the vibration of buildings during an earthquake or strong winds, and improve the safety, functionality, and livability of buildings. Vibration control devices built into a building absorb vibration energy and control building tremors due to earthquake or wind forces. They can be installed in existing buildings.

Vibration control device


There are three types of vibration control devices: hysteretic dampers which utilize the plasticity of steel, viscous dampers which consist of viscous materials, and tuned mass dampers which harness the inertial force of moving masses.

Swing vibration control system


A swing vibration control system collectively prevents multi-story from vibration during an earthquake. It consists of tie rods that span several floors of a building and two dampers designed as swing devices.

Renewal of seismic resistance and seismic isolation


For buildings with inadequate seismic performance, we offer cost-effective renovation services tailored to meet the size, configuration and purpose of each building. Hybrid Retrofit Construction (Hy-Retro) is a method that changes the structure of existing buildings into base isolation structures. A storey is designated for the installation of seismic isolators, after which the columns of the designated storey are cut in sequence and retrofitted with base isolation devices.

Hybrid Retrofit


Hybrid Retrofit Construction (Hy-Retro) is a method in which columns are cut and retrofitted with base isolation devices to change existing buildings into base isolation structures. It combines base isolation devices with high-performance dampers. No reinforcing work is required other than on the floor where base isolation devices are installed.