SMC develop proprietary systems for manufacturing beams and columns of the moment frames of buildings at precast concrete factories and erecting them at the construction site. This reduces the volume of concrete cast in place onsite and enables rapid construction.

SQRIM : Sumitomo-Mitsui Quick RC Integration Method


SQRIM is a construction method using precast columns and precast members consisting of an integrated beam and beam-column joint. It is completely made up of precast concrete and eliminates the need for cast-in-place concrete at member connections. This technology makes it possible to build with significantly shorter construction periods at a speed comparable to those of steel structures.

SQRIM-H : Sumitomo-Mitsui Quick RC Integration Method - Horizontal


SQRIM-H is a construction method using precast beams and precast members, consisting of an integrated column and beam-column joint. This further development of SQRIM technology and simplification of precast member shapes enabled us to boost production and transportation efficiency.



A prestressed concrete construction method that joins SQRIM and SQRIM-H precast members using prestressing tendons. Deflection and floor vibration can be reduced using highly stiff RC beams. This structure is suitable for distribution centers that require large spans and are subject to large loads.

Mechanical Rebar Joint System for PC Connections


SMC in collaboration with DEXTRA Manufacturing Co., Ltd., (main office: Bangkok, Thailand) has acquired an international standard evaluation certificate of the mechanical rebar joint system (grout-filled mechanical joint) used specifically for the SQRIM full precast (PC) method. The system is certified by IAPMO UES/IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Service (American evaluation service) in accordance with ICC-ES AC 133 Type 2 joints.

News Release :

Acquisition of International Standard Evaluation Certificate of Mechanical Rebar Joint System for PC Connections(released on October13,2021)