Environmental Policy "Green Challenge 2030"

Safeguarding our environment for future generations

We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by creating a living space that combines "improvement of quality of life" and "environment load reduction"

1. Contribution to a decarbonized society sdg_icon_07_en.pngsdg_icon_11_en.pngsdg_icon_13_en.png 4. Management of environmental risks sdg_icon_06_en.pngsdg_icon_14_en.pngsdg_icon_15_en.png
2. Contribution to a recycling-oriented society sdg_icon_09_en.pngsdg_icon_11_en.pngsdg_icon_12_en.png 5. Environmental communication/Promotion of ESD sdg_icon_04_en.pngsdg_icon_12_en.pngsdg_icon_13_en.png
3. Contribution to a society in harmony with nature sdg_icon_06_en.pngsdg_icon_14_en.pngsdg_icon_15_en.png *ESD:Education for Sustainable Development

◆KPIs of "Green Challenge 2030"

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions in the construction stage: 50% reduction in units of CO2 emissions from 1990 levels
  • Recycling of construction waste: 100% (excluding waste containing asbestos and specially controlled waste)
  • Avoid or minimize Impact on biodiversity
  • Avoid or minimize environmental incidents
  • Promotion of renewable energy business: Generation capacity of 650 MW or higher