Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We will strive to build a pleasant workplace in which our employees each respect and accept individual differences and are able to realize their full potential, with the aim of becoming a corporate group where everyone can experience fulfillment, growth, and happiness in their work.

Three D&I Guidelines

Promote diverse human resources and mutual understanding
While welcoming diverse human resources, we will deepen our understanding of and show respect for employee diversity (in terms of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, experience, values, etc.).
Create a workplace where diverse human resources can participate to the full
We will strive to create a workplace in which our employees can work in a manner suited to their individual lifestyles and values, where consideration, trust, and cooperation flourish, and where psychological safety is assured.
Build a corporate group that offers fulfillment and growth
We will encourage employee autonomy to facilitate diverse career development and will build systems in which employees have fair access to challenging opportunities, are appropriately evaluated, and can experience a sense of fulfillment and growth. We will enhance employee engagement by helping all employees, individually, to reach their full potential.

Established on January 25, 2023