SMC encourage the development of technologies that aim to create a decarbonized society. Here, we show our technologies related to renewable energy and new materials with low carbon emissions and long service lives.

Solar power generation


SMC provide comprehensive services for solar power generation, ranging from drawing up proposals and planning to design and construction. We support a wide range of systems, from mega-solar installations on the ground to roof installations.

Float systems for solar Power Generation


SMC developed a floating system with the power-generating photovoltaic cells floating on bodies of water, such as ponds.
The system is expected to generate more power than land installations since water surfaces have fewer obstacles that block sunlight and the water produces a cooling effect.


Wind turbine tower construction


A technology for constructing 200m high towers for wind power generation without the use of large cranes. The nacelle is installed prior to tower construction. Afterwards, the tower is incrementally added and joined using self-climbing equipment before blades are installed.




Sustain-Crete is a low carbon concrete that can reduce CO2 emissions from materials by 40% to a maximum of 90%. By optimizing the mix proportion of industrial by-products such as ground granulated blast furnace slag, fly ash and silica fume, Sustain-Crete enables reduction of using Portland cement, which has high CO2 emissions, and secures the required performance of various structures.