Declaration of Globalization

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Group Declaration of Globalization

The vision 2030 is

SMCC Group will be "A Construction company that globally supports and connects 'People' and 'Communities' with new value,"

and SMCC Group aim to achieve sustainable growth by proposing social solutions from global perspective.

SMCC Group's aim of globalization is to remove the barriers of national borders and to provide successfully the new values for each region around the world, which can be done by world-class technologies and human resources.

In order to accurately grasp SMCC Group's mission in rapidly changing world situation, it is important to have broad-mind for mutual understanding through deep communication with international view.

SMCC Group's globalization is realized when all members of the Group coexist in the world based on profound understanding of diverse nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and values. Therefore, all members need to be motived to learn constantly. Regardless of department or place of work, All Members are expected to grow as global human resources, and become prime movers of SMCC Group's future growth;

Here is the Declaration of Globalization.


Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Group contribute:

  • To solve social issues through the provisions of world-class technologies and services.
  • To solve social issues by developing of global human resources who always conduct with a broad perspective.

Specific Measures

  • 1.
    • (1)Establish new technologies that contribute to the development of a sustainable society from the three aspects of the environment, society and the economy by fusing technologies we have cultivated until today and advanced technologies around the world.
    • (2)Build a strong supply chain that supports technologies and quality by enhancing cooperation with local partners.
    • (3)Establish a common safety culture and achieve Supreme Quality Assurance for the Group.
  • 2.
    • (1)Enhance educations and supports by utilizing the Human Resource Development Center and studying abroad program, in order to deepen our understanding of different cultures and improve language skills.
    • (2)Promote globalization of the entire Group by accelerating the mobility of human resources on a global scale.
    • (3)Establish developing and evaluating systems of global human resources, actively recruit and promote talented human resources regardless of nationality.

January 2020