In partnership with local communities, SMC have been carrying out initiatives to conserve ecosystems and biodiversity, and protect them against invasive non-native species. We are also working to protect communities and their environment from water pollution, soil pollution, noise, and vibration.

Conservation of Biodiversity


Biodiversity refers to the huge variety of life on Earth and shows the abundance of nature. SMC are working on biodiversity conservation by conserving rare and indigenous plant and animal species, including their entire ecosystems, and removing non-native species to prevent undesired gene flow (maintain genetic-level diversity).



SMC have been involved in setting up various biotopes, including "biogardens" in urban areas and biotopes that are set up as part of bridge and road constructions, with the aim of conserving ecosystems and biodiversity as well as to provide places for people to commune with nature.

Biological toilet


A bio-toilet is a toilet that decomposes and treats human waste through the action of aerobic microorganisms by mixing the waste with wood (woodchips, sawdust, etc.). Since such toilets do not require a connection to sewer systems or septic tanks, or pumping by vacuum trucks, they can be used in mountainous areas and remote islands where plumbing is difficult. The action of microorganisms does not generate the bad odor associated with regular toilets.