During the planning and design of buildings, SMC predicts and evaluates the required performance of buildings and their surroundings in order to provide a comfortable environment. Here, we present our technologies and extensive experience on the evaluation of wind and acoustic conditions, vibration, and other environmental conditions.

Acoustic environment engineering


A technology for creating the ideal acoustic environment for living, working, and other uses of indoor spaces in buildings. SMC sets the appropriate soundproofing performance and specifications during the planning and design of residential buildings and other buildings, such as office buildings, commercial facilities, and factories.

Noise control engineering


A technology for providing the best surrounding environment that limits the effects of noise generated by outdoor sources.
This includes technology for reducing the spread of site construction noise to the neighborhood as well as the propagation of noise from equipment installed outdoors.

Environmental vibration engineering


A technology for predicting and evaluating the vibration of buildings during normal times caused by people walking and jumping, running cars and trains, as well as typhoons and seasonal winds, in order to prepare countermeasures as necessary. During the planning and design of buildings, SMC predicts and evaluate the various types of vibrations in order to provide a comfortable living and working environment that meets the target performance.

Wind tunnel experiment


A technology for conducting various evaluations and studies of winds on buildings using wind tunnel tests. SMC conducts a wide range of wind studies during the planning and design of buildings, including wind environmental assessment of the building surroundings, wind safety study, evaluating the effect on habitability of wind induced motion, and evaluating wind noise from exterior materials.

Computational fluid dynamics analysis


The technology for computational fluid dynamics analysis, which calculates air flow and thermal motion on the computer, is used in many fields. SMC uses CFD in various studies on wind and thermal environment during the planning and design of buildings in order to provide comfortable living spaces.