SMC is revolutionizing the construction production process by applying digital technology to construction information. Here, we present technologies that increase productivity and safety through mechanization and automation of production control systems and construction site works.

Precast Automatic TRACing system "PATRAC"


The Precast Automatic Tracing System (PATRAC) is a new production management system that uses BIM data and IoT devices to comprehensively manage everything from the fabrication of precast members at factories to the shipping of members to construction sites and onsite acceptance inspections.

News Release :

Function enhancement of PCa factory manufacturing management system "PATRAC-PM" (released on June 11, 2021)

Optimization of manufacturing process at PCa factory by identifying location of workers in real-time (released on May 20, 2019)

Start of development of next-generation PCa production management system "PATRAC" utilizing IoT (released on December 18, 2018)

Crane automation technology


Routine work by tower crane operators can be alleviated by linking cloud-based construction information systems to crane automation technology. The optimum lifting route for precast members is automatically followed, taking the load safely and accurately to the correct position above its destination.

News Release :

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. (SMCC) Demonstrates Autonomous Tower Crane Operation (released on March 8, 2022)

Robotaras : ROBOT Arm Rebar Assembly System


The ROBOT Arm Rebar Assembly System is a system that automates rebar assembly using a programmed robotic arm. It can dramatically reduce the manpower required for rebar assembly work in precast factories.