SMC develop proprietary inspection, surveying, and monitoring technologies for maintenance and management of bridges and other structures, as well as technologies for the repair and retrofitting of structures.

Asset management for bridges


SMC have asset management technologies for bridge maintenance support that are ISO 55001 certified, and which conducts everything from bridge inspections and surveys to monitoring, evaluating the results, and proposing course of actions.

Bridge inspection app "Maplet SM"


An application that enables bridge inspection work while viewing maps, drawings, past inspection records, and other data, using a tablet in the field. This application makes bridge inspections and other operations more efficient through the use of our database of bridge construction works and inspection records.

Bridge inspection robotic camera


A robotic camera for inspecting bridges. For places where close visual inspection is difficult, such as the underside of bridge girders and bearing supports, special cameras are installed at adjustable heights using pole units for inspection, measurement, recording, and collecting videos by remote control. There are two types of pole units: a hanging pole that can extend downward to a maximum of 6.0 m and an aerial pole that can extend upward to a maximum of 10.5 m.

Rigidly connecting intermediate hinge joint


A retrofitting method that connects intermediate hinge joints of PC girder in rigid frame, by adding external tendon post-tensioning. This enables bridge to improve travelling performance, riding comfortability, load bearing capacity, durability, and seismic performance.

AWS : lining and FITS methods


A method for seismic retrofitting wall piers. Aramid rods are used as intermediate restraining members for wall piers. Prestressing is applied in the direction of the wall thickness, to prevent the swelling of axial reinforcing bars, enhance the confining effect of the internal concrete, improve ductility, and increase shear resistance.

Reinforcing the beam of a bridge pier using aramid sheets


A seismic retrofitting method to improve flexural strength, shear strength, and ductility of bridge piers by covering the surface of existing RC piers with aramid fiber sheets using an impregnated adhesive resin.

A&P:seismic retrofitting


A method for seismic retrofitting viaducts using aramid and high-elongation fiber sheets. High-strength aramid fiber sheets are used on the shear reinforcement zones of the column while polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fiber and other high-elongation fiber sheets are used on zones that require reinforcing of toughness. This method makes full use of the concrete strength and deformation performance.

Reinforcing the beam part of rigid frame pier with bracket using the aramid sheets


A method for seismic retrofitting the beam part of rigid frame pier using aramid fiber sheets. This shear reinforcement method uses aramid fiber sheets to completely cover three to four sides of the beam part of rigid frame pier while avoiding bearing supports and the steel bridge-fall prevention brackets .

HiZeRAS:High Quality Zebra-shaped Retrofitting with Aramid Sheets


A method for seismic retrofitting buildings using aramid fiber sheets. This construction method aims to improve the shear strength and deformation performance of members by wrapping aramid fiber sheets around the column and beam members of existing buildings and binding them with adhesive resin.