Development of Sustain - Crete™, a high-performance concrete that contributes to sustainability

― Potential for various applications, jointly developed with the University of Tokyo and Tokyo University of Science ―

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. (President: Hideo Arai, 2-1-6 Tsukuda, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), in collaboration with Professor Takafumi Noguchi, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, and Professor Manabu Kanematsu,Tokyo University of Science, has developed Sustain - Crete™ (patent pending), a high-performance concrete that contributes to sustainability.

■ Features of this concrete

Sustain - Crete™ is a five-star concrete with the following five characteristics

☆ Ultra-low shrinkage

Both drying shrinkage and autogenous shrinkage, which cause cracking, are virtually zero.

☆ Ultra-low heat generation

The extremely low heat generation during curing eliminates the need for mass concrete crack preventive measures (No thermal cracking) and enhances both the quality and productivity of large structures.

☆ Ultra-low carbon emissions

Production is possible even without Portland cement (*), resulting in significant CO2 emissions Reduction.

☆ High fluidity

Its high fluidity contributes to the prevention of defects due to poor filling and labor savings (improved productivity). The ability to accommodate a variety of shapes expands the possibilities for architectural design.

☆ High strength

High-strength concrete (70MPa or higher) which can be used to build high-rise structures.

Concrete with all five of the above characteristics has never existed. This concrete contributes to the sustainability of the construction industry, from buildings to social infrastructure, as well as whole society, by not only virtually eliminating the risk of cracking, but also enhancing the productivity, design, and environmental friendliness of concrete structures.

In addition, since it can be manufactured with materials used for conventional concrete, no new special equipment or materials are required.

■ Origin of the name "Sustain - Crete™

The etymology of the word concrete is said to be Con (together, cooperate) + Crete (grow). Sustain - Crete is a combined word combining Sustain (sustain) and Crete (grow), meaning "concrete that contributes to the continuous growth of production of concrete structures including environmental aspects while securing a superior quality.


☆ Ultra-low shrinkage
Example of shrinkage measurement


☆ High fluidity
Example of slump / slump flow measurement
Top: Conventional high-strength concrete
Below: Sustain - Crete


☆ Ultra-low heat generation
Example of mass concrete temperature measurement


☆ Ultra-low environmental impact
Example of estimated CO2 emissions

Sustain - Crete™ casting

The sculptures made with Sustain - Crete™

■ Future development

Our goal is to make a significant contribution to the sustainability of society by pursuing ultra-high durability of concrete structures. We will continue to pursue R&D to further improve the performance of Sustaincrete and promote its wide application in both the building construction and civil engineering fields.

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