It is very important to verify the appropriateness of the design and structure of a building before it is constructed. It is also very important to implement remedial measures for a building that has been deteriorating over time and which has become unable to perform given functions. Over a period of years we created a database which incorporates problem-solving methods and procedures based on years of experience and collected data. We provide extensive consulting and engineering services, from consulting on ground, soil and the environment conditions of a building site through to providing data on supplementary structures and facilities, materials, and the performance and functions of each structural part.

Evaluation of wind and acoustic conditions and the safety of wind resistance

Because a high-rise building is exposed to strong winds at the top, the level of swaying caused by wind and the related wind and acoustic conditions surrounding the building must be examined and evaluated. We conduct wind tunnel tests, perform computational fluid analyses, make sound performance and sound insulation tests, and listen to audible noises under ordinary conditions. Based on data obtained in this way, we are able to evaluate the wind and acoustic conditions of buildings.

Earthquake resistance diagnosis and building reinforcement

The structural members of any building, such as columns, beams, walls, and floors, were designed and installed in accordance with the laws pertaining at the time the building was constructed. The safety of the building, however, is not necessarily guaranteed at the present time owing to laws having been subsequently changed or the structure having deteriorated considerably. Earthquake resistance diagnosis is undertaken to examine the conditions of a building relative to the present laws and knowledge. Based on the results of this diagnosis, appropriate earthquake-resistant reinforcements are determined and installed.