High-rise Housing Construction Technology

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. has a leading track record in the construction of High-rise housing and takes great pride in its technological competence. To create a healthy and comfortable living environment, we have developed a symbiotic system called Eco Tone, pet-friendly housing, built-in multi-story parking lots in collective housing, IT condominiums, and so forth. We will continue to propose durable, high-integration urban housing systems and to pursue our goal of creating urban housing in which symbiosis with nature is realized.

"MiFT200" - a next-generation construction method for high-rise housing

MiFT200 is a new construction methodology that has made it possible to build collective housing rising to 200-meters or higher, the highest collective housing in Japan. Because collective housing constructed with this approach has an SI (Skeleton Infill) structure, a high level of structural durability and earthquake resistance can be realized. Features of high-rise housing built with MiFT200 are an astylar living space (a large space without columns), free planning, flexible renovation, and so forth.

"CWIWC (Controllable Wide Wall Column) method" - a high-rise tabular housing construction methodology

The CWIWC construction method was originally developed by us. By using this approach, high-rise tabular collective housing with 20 or more floors can be constructed. The collective housing built using this technique is highly aseismic as the structure incorporates a quake-resistant wall transpiercing from the first floor to the top floor. This quake-resistant wall is made of high-strength concrete of 60N/mm2 and high-strength bars of 700N/mm2. Extensive structural tests conducted on the quake-resistant wall show that it has very high aseismic performance.

HI-DOC method

The DOC method was originally developed to shorten a construction period whilst ensuring the same quality of work throughout processes. This approach has been further upgraded to the HI-DOC method. Specifically this approach adopts a new technique for joining pre-cast columns without using scaffolds, a supply chain management system for controlling products and members delivered to a construction site by the minute as well as other features. Using the new HI-DOC method, the framework for a condominium with 23 household units on one floor can be constructed in only four days. This method can of course also be used to construct office buildings, commercial buildings, and distribution facilities etc.

  • Start of construction of the building
    framework on Feb 23, 2002

  • Completion of construction of the building
    framework on Apr. 15, 2002

Inverted construction method

Using the inverted construction method, after completion of the ground floor, the basement can be worked on simultaneously with the first and higher floors. This approach increases the safety of working in the basement and also shortens the construction period. In addition, the number of required transport vehicles is reduced since it is not necessary to use temporary retaining materials, and the completed first floor reduces the noise of work being carried out in the basement so that disturbance in the neighborhood is minimized.