Renewing Civil Engineering Facilities

Aging or deteriorating concrete structures must be repaired or renewed properly to make them resistant to earthquakes and increased loads caused by an increase in traffic volume.To reinforce such concrete structures, we provide a wide variety of reinforcement materials: aramid fiber sheets, aramid FRP rods, dome roofs made of aluminum alloy, and so forth.

Reinforcing the beam of a bridge pier using partial precast aramid fiber sheets

In reinforcing the beam of a bridge pier on which supports or aseismic connectors are mounted, aramid fiber sheets must be affixed in a U shape. Because reinforcement provided in this way is still insufficient, additional reinforcement must be attached to the beam, specifically, partial precast aramid fiber sheets are wound around the beam in such a way that they partially cover the aramid fiber sheets affixed in a U shape.

AWS, lining and FITS methods

These methods are earthquake and vibration-resistant reinforcement methods. The AWS method is used to reinforce a wall type RC bridge pier. Specifically, aramid rods are inserted into awall type RC bridge pier to introduce prestress so that the ductility and shearing strength of the pier can be increased. The lining and FITS methods are used to reinforce a column-type bridge pier. Specifically, aramid fiber tapes or sheets are wound around a column-type bridge pier for reinforcement.

  • AWS

  • FITS methods

Reinforcing the main girder using the aramid bracket

With the aramid bracket method, anchor blocks for an external cable are secured to the main girder using aramid rods by the pre-tensioning method. Aramid rods are rustproof and can be installed in a small space.

Renewing PC tanks using an aluminum-alloy roof

An aluminum-alloy roof is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and can be installed quickly. The aluminum-alloy roof method is used to renew not only the dome roofs of PC water supply tanks but also other roofs, such as on oil tanks, farm ponds, and silo's etc. They can also be used to construct new roofs for rectangular water tanks or other facilities.