We have constructed many large-scale concrete bridges both at home and abroad. With our accumulated know-how and technology, we have constructed precast segmental bridges, arch bridges, concrete and steel composite bridges, extradosed bridges, girder bridges with largely deviated external tendons, as well as many others. We will further work on the technical development of more streamlined prestressed concrete construction methods so that we will be able to contribute to the revitalization of urban functions.

Long, large arch bridge construction

Oboro Ohasi Bridge

An arch bridge lends itself to construction under various topographical or environmental conditions. It also blends in nicely with the environment and looks aesthetically pleasing. We have constructed various types of arch bridges from short-span arch bridges to long, large arch bridges across valleys and straits using the melan method, pylon method, lowering method, as well as various other construction methods and techniques.

Precast segment method

Furukawa Viaduct

The precast segmental approach is superior to other bridge construction methods because it allows, the construction period to be shortened. Using this method, a U-type core segment bridge with ribs, the latest type of precast segmental bridge, can be constructed. The Furukawa Viaduct, which was completed in 2002, is the first U-type core segmented bridge with ribs to be constructed in the world.

Corrugated steel web bridge

By adopting corrugated steel webs constructed by light weight working platform instead of concrete webs constructed by conventional working platform, we are able to reduce the costs of construction machinery and materials greatly. In addition, by streamlining the work process, through the installation of precast ribs and embedded precast forms on the upper deck slab, we are able to shorten the construction period significantly and reduce the construction cost simultaneously.

SPER and ML methods

SPER method

We use both the SPER and ML methods to construct bridges quickly whilst at the same time economizing on the use of manpower. Using the SPER method, precast panels with embedded hoop reinforcements are installed to form the bridge surface. Concrete is then placed into these precast panels so that a composite bridge structure with high aseismic performance can be constructed. Using the ML method, external ribbed steel pipes and reinforcements are installed in the direction of the bridge pier axis and concrete is placed to make a concrete and steel composite bridge pier.