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A day with Kotaro san~by design




Hello everyone in Japan!! Dona from SMCC Philippines. I would like to introduce Kotaro san who came from Japan for some training to our office, design team.

Kotaro san is a University Student in Japan.
Since it was his first time here in the Philippines, all of our staffs from design team enjoyed touring him around well developed Quezon City, which is next to Manila.

At first, we went to Philippines University which is top university as Tokyo University in Japan. We also visited to Quezon City Memorial Circle. It is introducing great historical leader who dedicated for Independent of Philippines "Manuel Quezon". Kotaro san had astonished with beauty of nature conservation district "Eco Park" and large scale "La Mesa Dam" which provides water to Manila Metropolitan. He also tried riding the Zipline which is about 20m height and 100m long.

ケソンシティーメモリアルサークル / Quezon City Memorial Park
エコパーク / Eco Park
ジップライン / Zipline


He also had tried a lot of Philippine food. Especially He likes the taho (mode of soft tofu, brown sugar and vanilla syrup, and pearl sago). We bought him different kind of fruits that he had seen only here like rambutan, guyabano (sour sop), papaya, chico, singkamas (turnip) and mangoes. As you thought, he gave up to taste durian but he was able to smell it. He said it smells like rotten eggs.

フィリピンの食べ物にも挑戦 / Kotaro san tried Philippine Food.


We felt time had passed so quick, It was such a great day for everyone. The day was quite different from usual. We hope we can see him again in near future here in the Philippines.

SMCC World通信 -世界の現場から-