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SMCC World通信 -世界の現場から-



So many countries, so many customs.




Hi I'm Ozeki, work in Philippines. I would like to introduce the culture of Philippines.

Generally speaking, almost all Filipino are sociable and lively. For example, I go to the coffee shop and the canteen everyday, and the staffs remembered my name and talk to me every time. Some of them are singing a song while working. I love the atmosphere of Philippines. There are eight main languages in Philippines. The main language is Tagalog, but most of them can speak English. Recently, I'm studying Tagalog and I want to have a chat with them in Tagalog.

In addition, I want to tell you about Philippines's food balut. balut is a boiled egg, but it is different from Japanese one obviously. The reason is because this egg is made of duck before hatching. Speaking of the taste, it tastes like a liver, so it's not bad. The most difficult part was feathers of ducks. It was terrible and I imagined eating hair or eyebrow.

Balut, looks like a normal boiled egg at a glance
This is how the egg looks after peeling off the shell


I would like to tell you how to eat balut. First, boring a hole, then drink the soup of the egg. Next, peeling a eggshell then eat it. Usually, I dip balut into vinegar which is the traditional souse of Philippines. One balut costs about 18 pesos (42yen), and it is a very popular food in this country. However, some of them don't like and can't eat it owing to the looks of them. Some days ago, two workmates came to Manila from Tokyo. I recommended them to try to eat balut. They were shocked when they saw it at the first time, but they could eat completely.

Mr. H ate without hesitation
Mr. M was quite hesitant at first


In these four months, I have been getting to be more interested in another culture day by day. I really want to understand their culture. I strongly believe that this personnel change is the great opportunity for me to be well‐rounded person.

SMCC World通信 -世界の現場から-