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Spring, “White Day” & “hanami”

Gift of White Day


Hello everyone! I am Cherry from Philippines and I am currently assigned in Tokyo office. And I am given an opportune time to really experience sole Japanese traditional cultures like the Japan's very unique style and strong tradition of women giving chocolates to men on Valentine's Day. And on top of that what is even more unique in Japan is that there exists a "White Day" which takes place exactly one month after Valentine's Day i.e. on March 14th. Furthermore, on White Day, men are to give return gifts to women who gifted them chocolates on Valentine's Day ! And surprisingly enough every man whom I gifted on Valentine's has kindly and generously returned the chocolate with very thoughtful presents. It was heartwarming.

Taken at Inogashira-park


The season now in Japan is spring and the temperature is quite cool. The sceneries have come back to life with different kinds of trees and flowers blooming everywhere. It feels and looks just like the scenes in the movies. And one famous Japanese tradition during this season is "hanami" or "flower viewing" especially for 'the cherry blossoms'. As this tree will have flowers bloom first before the leaves start to spring. So through this time when the sakura were in full bloom our beautiful Japanese girl friends took us out for hanami and it was very wonderful and inspiring at the same time!

hanami with girl friends
Sakura at Kyoto


Japanese people are said to associate these transient blossoms with life with its beauty and quick passing. Getting to experience these Japan's traditions and being enlightened of its depths gives me feelings of serenity, hope and gratitude. Life is indeed truly beautiful and yet may be gone too soon. So mina-san, let's give it our all and make the best out of life!

SMCC World通信 -世界の現場から-