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I am Nur, currently assigned in Tokyo Head Office. I will share some of my experiences here in Japan after staying for almost 1 year. First is the FOOD. This country has so many kinds of dishes that is unknown to me and never tasted in my country. They always seem to put too much dedication to their presentations that makes their food interesting to eat. I have learned to like raw foods, such as SASHIMI and SUSHI but what really peaks my interest the most is their SWEETS, particularly, the CAKES. It is not too sweet, not much fat, yet tastes delicious.


Assorted sashimi plate
My birthday cake


Everyday working in Japan is a bit hard for first timers. You have to get to train stations that are always packed with salary men who often wear FORMAL SUITS in BLACK. I can only count by hands the time I was able to sit in train during weekdays...but somehow, you can always manage to get to your destinations even with all these busy environment every day. I really like this experience of being inspired and motivated to be a part of the so-called Japanese community full of people dedicated to working so hard.

Businessmen in the station


The best of the experiences in Japan are the people, who had become close to my heart. These are the people whom I gained friends with during my stay here. They are so kind and nice and very funny.

These are the friends who never get tired of showing us the beauty of this country, from season to season. Japanese people are always serious and shy on the outside but once you get to know them, you will realize how amazing and unique each and every one is, just like in anime. It makes me feel so blessed to be able to have this experience and to have met these people in my life. I am enjoying this country so much. Japan, in one word is SUGOYYYY.

SMCC World通信 -世界の現場から-